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Blooming Iron Armor

Blooming Iron Armor

Feb. 27, 2021Chinac
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Chang Huanran (Zhang Chao) is a construction site operator. In the ordinary life, there are also small personal pursuits, hoping to use my youth to fight for a happy life for my family. But the idea is very happy, the reality is very skinny. On the one hand, his wife Tan Xiaomin (Hu Linna) is about to give birth, and he wants to start a business to give it a go. On the other hand, the bad boss intercepts his salary and cannot get rid of the predicament. Chang Huanran also faced a choice when he accidentally discovered a treasure on the construction site, which could immediately change the current embarrassment and the fate of future life. Chang Huanran thinks about the decent life of luxury houses and cars all the time. So the life turning point of drama began.

Blooming Iron Armor  is a  Chinese Movie Xiaoming Guo ,Wen Jie  and more.




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